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The Secret to making 200+/day with no cost Traffic

Do you have some private label rights or MRR material that’s sitting on your disc drive collecting digital dust? Do you require extra cash at once? Well, run a fire sale. A fire sale is a one time offer that you’ll offer readers that’s plainly a “too good to decline” deal that they can‟t find anyplace else. A deal that they would be absolutely gaga not to take you up on. Here are some tips.

Look through your computer files and detect all items that you have that offer you PLR or MRR. If you don’t have any items, then you need to get some fast. This may be done by going on the net and buying a PLR or Master Resell pack. Always check the arrangement to make certain that the items you pick can be resold and bundled before buying or utilizing the items in your fire sale.

Place your sales letter on a blogger blog,, or freewebs web site. This will spotlight your incredible offer. Social bookmark your blog or web site using,, and

Author a couple of relevant articles and add them to with a resource link back to your blogger/sales letter page. Then promote, promote, promote and let the sales roll on in.

Discounts – assemble a discount on one of your more popular products. Even providing a small ten percent off may motivate a buyer to click the order button. Break it down and a product that sells for twenty bucks will still net you eighteen dollars after the discount, but that two dollar break may be just the thing your potential buyers have been waiting for.

Bundles – Bundle a couple of your products together and offer them for a more modest price than they presently sell for individually. A lot of times your buyer needs to feel like they’re getting a great deal in order for them to tip the purchase/wait scale to the purchase side. looking bundle. For example, if you’ve a ton of baby related items you are able to call it your New Parents Dream fire sale or something like that. Add a customized e-cover and you’re good to go. Write an attention grabbing headline and sales letter that smartly describes your complete package. Make certain that you list what a good value they’re getting.

Cut the price on total inventory – a different way you are able to earn cash fast is with a sale that includes ALL of your products at a one-time special price. Providing a discount or other bonus tends to compel buyers to buy more than they may normally. Keep in mind that you‟re working with a deadline, so it‟s crucial that you make your sale time restricted. This will give your buyers a feeling of urgency and will boost them to buy immediately before they miss out!

Not Finished Products :

I think we all have a few of these sitting around collecting dirt among our computer files. You know those „bang-up ideas‟ you had for an e-Book, report, coaching program, and so forth? You set out to put your thought to fruition and then let the thought go about midway through its completion. Discover all of your partial products and add them to your list.

Look at your list of half finished products and pick the one with the most potentiality. That means choosing the one your market is most probable to have interest in. You‟re going to launch this product. Just make certain there‟s adequate meat to it at present. You don‟t want to wind up producing a whole new product! You don‟t have time for that, right?

For the sake of an illustration, let‟s suppose you have a partly finished report about producing a successful business blog. Now go back to your list and determine if you have any private label rights products that match the topic of blogging. If you have private label rights on marketing your business, it will fit in with the subject as well as marketing enables the success of a blog.

If you don‟t hold any private label rights that fit your half finished product, that‟s all right. You have 2 choices at this point. You are able to either:

1. Go back and determine if you have a product that does concur with the private label rights you presently have. OR…You are able to spend a couple of bucks and grab a fresh pack of private label rights content. I know, I know, you would like to make revenue not spend it, but if spending a couple of bucks will help you make that small amount back and more, it‟s worth it. Simply don‟t go overboard.

Buy solely what you require!

All right, so you have your half completed product and you have a clump of private label rights material that matches the direction of your product, now all you have to do is complete it. Even if you have to take the report in a fresh direction to fit in the private label rights material, you‟ll still end up with a product – a completed product. You now have a spic-and-span product to market to your subscribers, blog readers, and site visitors.

Discover The Secrets to Make Money With PLR Content

private label rights contentA major obstacle for many who want to make money on the internet is definitely creating their own info product. There are many different reasons why many motivated users fail on their own info product, from the topic-finding to the high-quality implementation or simply the time factor. PLR is a suitable business model that allows you to earn money quickly over the Internet. In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about PLR: “What is PLR and what does it stand for, what are the advantages, and much more”.

What does PLR stand for?

PLR stands for Private Label Rights (freely translated: Private Label (product) rights)

What is Private Label Rights? There are different licensing options for products. Normally, you can purchase a license for a product only for private purposes or for gifting or resale to your end users. But you can not make money here, or we can hardly make money, because there are usually far too many products of the same kind, so it is difficult to beat the competition.

If you want to run PLR on the other hand, you will acquire a license to a (digital) product, which you can change according to your wishes, to advertise and sell it to potential customers on the Internet. PLR is not a standard license, there is no definitive definition. The fact is that the author/creator of a product with a PLR license sells all or almost all rights to this product. So you have to pay attention to what is in the license you are purchasing.

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Who can use private label rights and who is it for?

PLR can in principle everyone try, also absolute beginners in the Internet marketing business. However, one should have the necessary business skills and always deal with new methods of sales and marketing in order to achieve the greatest possible success. Of course, this is not absolutely necessary, but it offers many advantages when you know how to sell and what lever you have to pull when the customers.

What can you do with PLR products?

If you have purchased a PLR license, you can usually do the following:

  • Change the title of the product
  • Edit the content (rewrite, change, add something, omit something ..)
  • Add affiliate links (as additional money source)
  • Publish yourself as author/creator of the product
  • Send the product as a bonus (eg as a thank you for subscribing to a newsletter)
  • Divide the content into several parts to create a series of articles (eg for your blog)
  • Use the content to create your own website
  • Sell the product to your customers under your name

But always keep in mind whether all the above-mentioned possibilities of processing and distributing the product are included in the license. The author creates the license itself and can therefore also determine which right he gives you to the product.

Where to get PLR E-books and how much do they cost?

This depends on which product you purchase a Private Label Rights license for. With this business model, however, you save a lot of money. Also, the source of acquired licenses can be crucial for the cost and the quality of the products.  I source all my PLR content from as it contains members only unique PLR products and articles that you don’t find anywhere else.

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Advantages of Private Label Rights:

plr articlesWith PLR, you can offer your customers a product portfolio specifically tailored to this target group. If for example, you are running a themed blog, it is obvious that you have the appropriate thematic reading on eBooks. So you can optimally complement your existing (business) model. In addition, it can also be built as an independent business idea and can also open up a new and additional source of money besides your normal profession.

You can also apply for your product licenses via affiliate marketing on other pages, blogs, via Google, etc., thus opening up new customers and a new sales source. Affiliate marketing also works naturally within your product. So you can integrate directly into your PLR products your affiliate links, with which you either earn per click or per sale additional money and thus further income sources possesses.

The products from the acquired licenses can be modified, as already mentioned above, according to your wishes and thus exactly to your business model.


Although beginners can also operate in the Internet marketing of PLR, however, this often lacks the necessary know-how for the business activity in the online market (ie how do I sell correctly, how do I get traffic to my website, …).

Legal Issues:

The sale of the product with a reseller, master reseller or PLR rights (unless expressly stated in the license) is prohibited. Because you must remember that although you have the license to be able to edit and sell the products freely, your customers do not have the same license. Your customers may only use the product for private use and do not resell.


Private Label Rights licenses are a great way to make money on the Internet as quickly as possible, either as an independent business model, as a hobby or as a supplementary income to your regular income. In addition to many advantages such as the free processing of the purchased product, there are also a few disadvantages, however if utilised properly you will make a lot of money by selling the PLR product after modification and testing,  you need to provide value through that private label rights product if you want to really succeed.

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steps to make six figure income

4 Actionable Steps To Make a 6 Figure Per Year Income Online

I know that many people trying to get rich online are struggling to pay the bills. Is that you? Are you going through tough times? I know what it’s like. I’ve been through it, believe me. But when I knew what I wanted, I found what I needed to get it – whether it was money or knowledge. Want it bad enough and you’ll find a way.

Now, I’m not saying you can’t make a lot of money with free traffic. You can, but it will be much, much harder and take a lot longer.  Unfortunately, the real truth is, you won’t make money quickly with free traffic. It just takes too long and comes in too slowly.

How to make income online from home:

here’s what you need to do…

  • Find solutions to common problems that people are already paying for
  • Solve those problems on videos, audios or reports
  • Sell the solution online, on your own website
  • Drive targeted people to your website by paying for clicks – people who
    are actively searching to solve that problem and are willing to pay to
    solve that problem.
  • Make money and be happy-happy-joy-joy!

how to make 6 figures without a college degree

To explain in more detail:

ACTION STEP #1: Solving Problems
Use your own expertise first, and find some common problems people are having in various niches. Determine how you can solve those problems, either through e-books or video training. Make sure the problem is big enough to produce a good income and that people are already making money in this niche. Create the training, either via ebook or videos and implement a website and sales funnel to sell this training.

ACTION STEP # 2: Traffic and Conversions:
Drive traffic to your website, either through paid traffic or free traffic. Paid is the method you should use. Don’t worry though. The object is to make your money back, using a “self-liquidating offer.” This means when people join your list, the first thing you do is solve the one problem for which they signed up…by selling them a product. The goal is to sell enough to break even and pay for your advertising. If you do this, your advertisement costs will be a BIG FAT zero, and you can keep doing it over and over and over again. You may not break even at first. However, once the people are coming, you must constantly be working on conversions, always tweaking to improve your sales and conversion rates. This is extremely important. Don’t be satisfied with a 20% conversion rate when you could get 30% instead.

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Advertising and traffic involve some testing and tweaking. The most common thing I’ve seen is you’ll probably struggle at first to get people to buy, but once you hit that sweet spot and find out what works, you’ll go from a few bucks a month to thousands in a very short time. It works that way. Trust me. You must, however, stick it out and don’t quit. This testing and tweaking phase could involve a few days, a few weeks, or a few months. It’s impossible to tell. These action steps will produce passive income for you 24/7, anytime, all the time. Plus, depending on how much effort you put in, could be producing income very little time.

ACTION STEP # 3: Build Your Mailing List:
Build your mailing list – mailing lists of people interested in these products and then mail offers to them again and again. In addition, nurture your lists and always provide valuable information that people look forward to reading.

A mailing list of 1000 active buyers can make you a ton of money every month, like clockwork. You can bank on it. And if you think it’s hard to build a list to that level, that is just plain wrong.

ACTION STEP # 4: Recruit Affiliates:
Partner with other affiliate marketers, giving them a commission for the sale of your products. Don’t be afraid to give away some of your income. The amount of sales you’ll get will FAR FAR outweigh the little amounts you’re giving to affiliates. Affiliates will build your list for you, and you will build theirs. This is the MOST powerful thing you can do – the thing that will generate huge windfalls of cash for you…and I mean HUGE!

That’s it. That’s what you need to know. You don’t need to do anything else – nothing else you’ve heard from others – no “flipping websites” no “Amazon affiliate” no “Adsense” no “SEO” nothing. Stick to this and you’ll go far!

how to make 6 figures without a college degreeIt is the time to Get help! Now that you understand the previous steps and can see a little clearer now… get after it. Get more help. Reach out and get the information you need to succeed. Get the right information. If you see that someone you are following to get quality information is good and telling the truth and you resonate with that person teaching this stuff, stay a while! Stick to that person and learn all you can.

Be willing to spend money to get the answers quicker. Be willing to take leaps of faith. Do things differently than you’ve done in the past. Get help! Get help from those who have been there and done that. Ask for help. Reach out to people. Build relationships. Make things happen, but get help! Get some friends in the market and network with people. Go to offline seminars or workshops. Get into the guts of this business because it’s REAL… it’s FUN and it’s life-changing for tons of people. Sure, there’s a lot of garbage out there, but there’s a ton of good quality people too, with good quality information who can help you succeed and actually want you to succeed!

There are two kinds of people in this world… those who bring you down and those who bring you up! Get around those who bring you up! Get inspired and shoot for the stars! You can do this if you are willing to become more on the inside! You can do this! I believe that all people want the best for themselves, and I know you do too. I KNOW IT!

If you like this type of information and motivation we have just scratched the surface everything I have just described above is possible by creating Marketing Funnels and you don’t need a website if you signup for this program.  However, if you are new to affiliate marketing or not able to figure out how to properly do it, I suggest you check out the following program.

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