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We are partners or have business relationships with many of the manufacturers of the products offered. This means that the manufacturers pay us a commission for each sold product. For example, if a customer clicks a link on the page and then purchases a product, we are remunerated. The displayed purchase price is retained and will not be changed by participating in the affiliate program.

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The opinions expressed on this website are individual reviews and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the respective manufacturers. We have decided to exclusively evaluate products which have been directly tested by us and which are undergoing a detailed study. recommends exclusively products which the operators as high-quality and with a good price-quality ratio feel. We therefore ask you to understand our reviews as such, as a subjective opinion as a result of a personal evaluation of a product. In some cases, we also evaluate products that have not been made available to us by our business partners (manufacturers, companies). The evaluation is carried out on the basis of the same criteria as for the products for which we are remunerated.

FTC Disclaimer: Please note that the owner of this site have a business relationship with the manufacturers of the rated on this site and recommended products and are thus financially or not remunerated financially, every time a visitor chooses a product to buy. The operator of this site is not paid for these opinions and opinions, they reflect the personal opinion of the site owner or publisher.

This website is private and independent of companies and product manufacturers. We are a professional evaluation team and receive a remuneration from the companies whose products we choose to review. The products on the site were tested in advance and a detailed study took place before we expressed our opinion that these ratings correspond to our opinions.

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