Discover The Secrets to Make Money With PLR Content

private label rights contentA major obstacle for many who want to make money on the internet is definitely creating their own info product. There are many different reasons why many motivated users fail on their own info product, from the topic-finding to the high-quality implementation or simply the time factor. PLR is a suitable business model that allows you to earn money quickly over the Internet. In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about PLR: “What is PLR and what does it stand for, what are the advantages, and much more”.

What does PLR stand for?

PLR stands for Private Label Rights (freely translated: Private Label (product) rights)

What is Private Label Rights? There are different licensing options for products. Normally, you can purchase a license for a product only for private purposes or for gifting or resale to your end users. But you can not make money here, or we can hardly make money, because there are usually far too many products of the same kind, so it is difficult to beat the competition.

If you want to run PLR on the other hand, you will acquire a license to a (digital) product, which you can change according to your wishes, to advertise and sell it to potential customers on the Internet. PLR is not a standard license, there is no definitive definition. The fact is that the author/creator of a product with a PLR license sells all or almost all rights to this product. So you have to pay attention to what is in the license you are purchasing.

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Who can use private label rights and who is it for?

PLR can in principle everyone try, also absolute beginners in the Internet marketing business. However, one should have the necessary business skills and always deal with new methods of sales and marketing in order to achieve the greatest possible success. Of course, this is not absolutely necessary, but it offers many advantages when you know how to sell and what lever you have to pull when the customers.

What can you do with PLR products?

If you have purchased a PLR license, you can usually do the following:

  • Change the title of the product
  • Edit the content (rewrite, change, add something, omit something ..)
  • Add affiliate links (as additional money source)
  • Publish yourself as author/creator of the product
  • Send the product as a bonus (eg as a thank you for subscribing to a newsletter)
  • Divide the content into several parts to create a series of articles (eg for your blog)
  • Use the content to create your own website
  • Sell the product to your customers under your name

But always keep in mind whether all the above-mentioned possibilities of processing and distributing the product are included in the license. The author creates the license itself and can therefore also determine which right he gives you to the product.

Where to get PLR E-books and how much do they cost?

This depends on which product you purchase a Private Label Rights license for. With this business model, however, you save a lot of money. Also, the source of acquired licenses can be crucial for the cost and the quality of the products.  I source all my PLR content from as it contains members only unique PLR products and articles that you don’t find anywhere else.

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Advantages of Private Label Rights:

plr articlesWith PLR, you can offer your customers a product portfolio specifically tailored to this target group. If for example, you are running a themed blog, it is obvious that you have the appropriate thematic reading on eBooks. So you can optimally complement your existing (business) model. In addition, it can also be built as an independent business idea and can also open up a new and additional source of money besides your normal profession.

You can also apply for your product licenses via affiliate marketing on other pages, blogs, via Google, etc., thus opening up new customers and a new sales source. Affiliate marketing also works naturally within your product. So you can integrate directly into your PLR products your affiliate links, with which you either earn per click or per sale additional money and thus further income sources possesses.

The products from the acquired licenses can be modified, as already mentioned above, according to your wishes and thus exactly to your business model.


Although beginners can also operate in the Internet marketing of PLR, however, this often lacks the necessary know-how for the business activity in the online market (ie how do I sell correctly, how do I get traffic to my website, …).

Legal Issues:

The sale of the product with a reseller, master reseller or PLR rights (unless expressly stated in the license) is prohibited. Because you must remember that although you have the license to be able to edit and sell the products freely, your customers do not have the same license. Your customers may only use the product for private use and do not resell.


Private Label Rights licenses are a great way to make money on the Internet as quickly as possible, either as an independent business model, as a hobby or as a supplementary income to your regular income. In addition to many advantages such as the free processing of the purchased product, there are also a few disadvantages, however if utilised properly you will make a lot of money by selling the PLR product after modification and testing,  you need to provide value through that private label rights product if you want to really succeed.

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Profit Builder 2.0 Review – Build Highest Converting Marketing Pages with Just A Few Clicks

Check out my Profit Builder 2.0 review

profit builder 2.0 reviewThe brand new Profit Builder 2.0 or wp profit builder is a wordpress plugin that generates beautiful landing pages that convert.  It is easy to use drag and drop page builder for wordpress.  Sean Donahoe’s new version of his earlier successful “drag and drop” landing page builder has hundreds of new features with a lot of improvements. I think this is one of  the finest marketing page builders out there in the market without  much burden on your pocket as you can easily create lead generating pages, review pages, bonus pages, sales pages and even full websites.

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The salient features of Profit Builder 2.0:

  • Build all kinds of fully customizable, GURU level looking landing pages with just a few clicks – and without needing ANY coding skills.
  • Access over 100+ proven to convert, slick looking templates for Lead Gen, Sales, Webinar, Ecommerce, and basically every need an online business may have/
  • Build ENTIRE funnels from start to finish, and have each page intelligently connect with the next for a seamless buying experience
  • Jump back in time into ANY previously saved or auto saved version of your page – no more going bald with frustration for losing all your work to a few misplaced clicks!
  • Have all your pages look AMAZING on mobile right from the get go – mobile traffic is not the future, is the PRESENT and you have to build with it in mind!
  • Incredibly FAST page loading – Even a second of loading time can drop your conversions rate by half, so Sean and his team made SPEED the #1 priority for version 2.0!
  • Automatically and dynamically split test your pages so you can maximize your conversions and make the MOST money out of your traffic
  • Intelligently TRACK your traffic across every page, so you can quickly know which traffic source is the most profitable and SCALE fast!

I hope this Profit Builder 2.0 review helps you in making a right decision,  there are many page builders out there, but this one stands out and value for money as the price is lower.  The bonuses below will help you in building your online business along with this page builder software.

Profit Builder 2.0 Bonuses

Special bonus for the Audience:  You will get all the all the bonuses mentioned below if you purchase profit builder 2.0 through my link.  I have carefully selected these bonuses which will help you in building a real business online.

Facebook Ads AuthorityFace Book Ads Authority is a training course that trains you on proper way of using facebook ads to get more optins or leads, create brand awareness and make sales, without this you may spend years trying to figure out.

Fully Automatic by James Fully AutomaticRenouf teaches you how to completely automate your business up to 90% using the free services available online. Nobody is teaching this right now.  This system helps you generate more traffic, leads and  conversions completely on autopilot 24X7.

5 day fix coverDiscover the EXACT steps to take to start on a Sunday and make a minimum of $500 by Friday of the same week, working just 15 minutes per day… (you can repeat this as often as you like!) No budget for traffic? Not a problem with this… You’ll discover how to get started with 100% FREE traffic right away.

wp image plus pluginEasily Tap Into More Than 1,000,000 Copyright-Free, High-Quality Images Straight From The Admin Area Of Your WordPress Blog…So That You’ll Never Have To Worry About Paying For Images Again!


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steps to make six figure income

4 Actionable Steps To Make a 6 Figure Per Year Income Online

I know that many people trying to get rich online are struggling to pay the bills. Is that you? Are you going through tough times? I know what it’s like. I’ve been through it, believe me. But when I knew what I wanted, I found what I needed to get it – whether it was money or knowledge. Want it bad enough and you’ll find a way.

Now, I’m not saying you can’t make a lot of money with free traffic. You can, but it will be much, much harder and take a lot longer.  Unfortunately, the real truth is, you won’t make money quickly with free traffic. It just takes too long and comes in too slowly.

How to make income online from home:

here’s what you need to do…

  • Find solutions to common problems that people are already paying for
  • Solve those problems on videos, audios or reports
  • Sell the solution online, on your own website
  • Drive targeted people to your website by paying for clicks – people who
    are actively searching to solve that problem and are willing to pay to
    solve that problem.
  • Make money and be happy-happy-joy-joy!

how to make 6 figures without a college degree

To explain in more detail:

ACTION STEP #1: Solving Problems
Use your own expertise first, and find some common problems people are having in various niches. Determine how you can solve those problems, either through e-books or video training. Make sure the problem is big enough to produce a good income and that people are already making money in this niche. Create the training, either via ebook or videos and implement a website and sales funnel to sell this training.

ACTION STEP # 2: Traffic and Conversions:
Drive traffic to your website, either through paid traffic or free traffic. Paid is the method you should use. Don’t worry though. The object is to make your money back, using a “self-liquidating offer.” This means when people join your list, the first thing you do is solve the one problem for which they signed up…by selling them a product. The goal is to sell enough to break even and pay for your advertising. If you do this, your advertisement costs will be a BIG FAT zero, and you can keep doing it over and over and over again. You may not break even at first. However, once the people are coming, you must constantly be working on conversions, always tweaking to improve your sales and conversion rates. This is extremely important. Don’t be satisfied with a 20% conversion rate when you could get 30% instead.

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Advertising and traffic involve some testing and tweaking. The most common thing I’ve seen is you’ll probably struggle at first to get people to buy, but once you hit that sweet spot and find out what works, you’ll go from a few bucks a month to thousands in a very short time. It works that way. Trust me. You must, however, stick it out and don’t quit. This testing and tweaking phase could involve a few days, a few weeks, or a few months. It’s impossible to tell. These action steps will produce passive income for you 24/7, anytime, all the time. Plus, depending on how much effort you put in, could be producing income very little time.

ACTION STEP # 3: Build Your Mailing List:
Build your mailing list – mailing lists of people interested in these products and then mail offers to them again and again. In addition, nurture your lists and always provide valuable information that people look forward to reading.

A mailing list of 1000 active buyers can make you a ton of money every month, like clockwork. You can bank on it. And if you think it’s hard to build a list to that level, that is just plain wrong.

ACTION STEP # 4: Recruit Affiliates:
Partner with other affiliate marketers, giving them a commission for the sale of your products. Don’t be afraid to give away some of your income. The amount of sales you’ll get will FAR FAR outweigh the little amounts you’re giving to affiliates. Affiliates will build your list for you, and you will build theirs. This is the MOST powerful thing you can do – the thing that will generate huge windfalls of cash for you…and I mean HUGE!

That’s it. That’s what you need to know. You don’t need to do anything else – nothing else you’ve heard from others – no “flipping websites” no “Amazon affiliate” no “Adsense” no “SEO” nothing. Stick to this and you’ll go far!

how to make 6 figures without a college degreeIt is the time to Get help! Now that you understand the previous steps and can see a little clearer now… get after it. Get more help. Reach out and get the information you need to succeed. Get the right information. If you see that someone you are following to get quality information is good and telling the truth and you resonate with that person teaching this stuff, stay a while! Stick to that person and learn all you can.

Be willing to spend money to get the answers quicker. Be willing to take leaps of faith. Do things differently than you’ve done in the past. Get help! Get help from those who have been there and done that. Ask for help. Reach out to people. Build relationships. Make things happen, but get help! Get some friends in the market and network with people. Go to offline seminars or workshops. Get into the guts of this business because it’s REAL… it’s FUN and it’s life-changing for tons of people. Sure, there’s a lot of garbage out there, but there’s a ton of good quality people too, with good quality information who can help you succeed and actually want you to succeed!

There are two kinds of people in this world… those who bring you down and those who bring you up! Get around those who bring you up! Get inspired and shoot for the stars! You can do this if you are willing to become more on the inside! You can do this! I believe that all people want the best for themselves, and I know you do too. I KNOW IT!

If you like this type of information and motivation we have just scratched the surface everything I have just described above is possible by creating Marketing Funnels and you don’t need a website if you signup for this program.  However, if you are new to affiliate marketing or not able to figure out how to properly do it, I suggest you check out the following program.

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Make Money with Free Online Surveys

How to Make Money with Free Online Surveys – Is It Worth Your Time?

I’m sorry that I say this but if you want to make money taking free online surveys, there  is a good chance that you’ll eventually become a prey to these companies that suck you time and energy out of your life.

Making money with surveys, it is really possible? I do not know, I can at least put a few things to tell about this method of taking free paid surveys to make money.

If you want to make money with surveys then I have to disappoint you in 90% of cases. However you can watch the following video which might be helpful in taking a decision.

There are better alternative ways to earn money online, about this I’ll tell you, surveys can consume more time of your life.

It sounds simple and fun, for some,  but really it is not a worth to spend time to make money onine… I will explain you why.

Would you pay someone a lot of money to fill out a piece of paper?

First, this is the question I want to ask you.

Seriously, would you give money to someone to fill out a piece of paper for you?

If you have answered this question then I might be a better question would give you more or less per person if you’d let 10,000 people fill this piece of paper?

Companies that want to have their marketing research etc wanting this course available as cheaply as possible data.

The company that you will use to complete surveys is again between person, there is also money to.

Is not it a little too optimistic to think that here you can earn good money?

There are alternative methods that I tell you later.

Do They Really Pay Money? It is not a scam?

There are many sites that cheat the people but, of course there are some sites stand up to your expectations.  However, you need to find out which sites offer legit paid surveys and are better in rewarding your opinion properly.

There are many companies that give you gift vouchers instead of cash.

“Survey” companies always exist, and that makes sense because that understanding certain issues through the opinion of the people will benefit them in improving their business and marketing.

Of course, not all the survey companies are bad and the worst thing that can happen is that you may by wasting time in doing so.

Waiting to complete surveys

Another negative point is that there is not always surveys available to complete. Chances are that you have to keep an eye on a large scale survey companies so that you have enough work to earn a decent amount of money.

The last negative point earn money with surveys, I would tell you that it can be tremendously boring.  It may be suitable for some people, but as you continue to do so it can be boring.

Who will fill surveys or suitable:

  • If you don’t bother to get a minimum wage or just gift vouchers?
  • Don’t bother to waste a some time?
  • Don’t mind doing an extreme form of drudgery?
  • You need simplest of the simple work to do to make some money.
  • If you have a lot of free time.

If you ever once sick lying on bed, not go to work but you still want to make money without having to think you can try this. It still seems like a good option to keep open.  I am giving some of the sites below that will help you to do online surveys that pay cash.

1. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is a very popular website that pays for your opinion. They pay both in cash and in gift vouchers for various surveys and opinions you fill for them.

2. Vindale Research

Vindale is a reputed company that has been around for many years. This is one of the few companies that pay you in cash.

3. Pro Opinion

Pro Opinion,  It seems that they are currently accepting new members. You can sign up through the link above and fill out you details to get started.,

4. Pinecone Research

Pinecone, you may help them evaluate typically the products prior to them getting released in in the market. You can accumulate points for every survey which you fill out, after that a member can redeem the points for any amount of benefits they have, such as cash, products etc.

5. Inbox Dollars

You will get a $5 starting bonus when you join  Inbox Dollars. You can then earn cash using surveys, searching online, and even for playing various games.

Alternative methods to make money online

There are many more ways to make money online than with surveys and you do not even need to have technical knowledge or magic to be able to do this.

Having a website have today is one of the best and most popular ways to make money on the web BUT …

There are several simple methods out there, even without a website or technical knowledge to earn money through the internet.  However i am giving one of the best systems here which helps you to build a real online business.

This System Will Help You to Earn Consistently month after month from home!

Find out how to earn a full income on the internet ..

  • Without technical knowledge
  • without your own product
  • Without Prior Experience
  • With Reasonable Investment and proper training
  • The training in the form of video lessons to understand the concept easily.


ways to make money online

The 7 Popular Ways To Make Money Online

1: Selling a Product or Service

This is in my opinion one of the best ways, we ourselves have multiple sites where we sell products we created (mostly e-books). The disadvantage of a product to make is that it takes considerable time. If you’re a beginner it take time to build a website or a product.

After a few months, if you find that the market where you entered is not as good as you thought, because you have less visitors and if visitors are less willing to buy a product you’ve been working,  then you need to find another niche.
In my own experience, I also as a beginner made the mistake of starting in the wrong niche, it just made a lot less than I had thought, so that was a waste of my work.

Apart from the above, a selling your own product is a great way to make money online.

It is therefore advisable for asking yourself how much money you want to earn online, or it may be in the market where you want to concentrate.  You must research first to see if there is a lot of searches in your market, I suggest you do a thorough research about of all the keywords that are being searched in your market.

You can refer Google’s own tool to do all your preparation : Google keyword tool .

Now you can see how many people search for particular words that have to do with your interest.

This is one of the ways to see if you can get enough visitors to your site. If you think a market is good enough for what you want and you have enough knowledge to make a product in this market then I would say “go for it” or else promote someone else’s product as an affiliate.

Benefits at a glance:

  • You help people
  • You can make lots of money
  • Can be fully automated

All the cons:

  • A lot of work
  • You have to do the customer service
  • It may be complicated
  • Can fail despite much work

2: Affiliation Marketing

This I personally think the best way to make money online for a beginner. As a beginner, you surely want to see as quickly as possible that you make money online so that you can reinvest the same in further improving the business..

As an affiliate you promote a product from the websites like clickbank, clicksure  etc., and you get a commission as a percentage of the profits every time a sale is made .

This is usually done by a cookie that stores the computer of the visitor who clicks on your unique affiliate link.  If the visitor buys the product through your link, you will see that you have made a sale by login to your affiliate account.

Here you have many websites or companies,  that they specialise in arranging payments both to the vendor and the affiliate.  You need not worry about receiving payments, as the tracking , payments and refunds will be handled by an intermediate agency but not by the vendor,  so rest is assured.

One of the best companies in this area is .

Simply bring people who are interested in the product and once they click your link and make payment you earn money.

As an affiliate you can create a review of  a product by creating just a 5 page website using wordpress that can make an easy $ 1,000 per month if you promote it in a right way.

In this case, it is very easy to do, but this just an example of how fast it can go if you do it right. On the other hand, we also know again people who have websites with dozens of pages and articles and only earn around $100 per month, so you have to know what you’re doing.

The only downside that many people mention is that profit margins are often smaller compared to selling your own product,  but it is not the case with every product as many products in Clickbank offer more than 60 to 70% in affiliate commissions.

Important : Be honest and objective in your report or review about the product, do not always talk nicely on a product you are reviewing, try to bring out its weaknesses also. Only then will your readers trust you and buy.

Tip: You can start your own blog today with various tools like or

If you are not sure where to start:

Alternatively you can check udemy for choosing right course.

Benefits at a glance:

  • You can earn money fast
  • Little work and can be fully automated
  • relatively simple
  • You can easily change the product (s) you are promoting
  • You can make lots of money

All the cons:

  • profit margins are lower than in selling their own product or service

3: Making money online with Google Adsense

Personally, I would only recommend AdSense to use if your visitors not looking for some specific topic alone and you are getting a good traffic to your website.  If you want to learn how to make money online with google adsense, you can search for information online  as there are many videos and blogs are available with right information or you can watch the video below for light on the topic.

Adsense is a better option, Google displays AdSense automatically relevant to the content  or interest of the visitor of the website. If a visitor has often been on sites about cars then Google knows this and displays ads automatically related to cars.  

By putting adsense on your site you can choose whether Google ads automatically adapts to the visitor or the content on that page.

Adsense is ideal if you have a large site with many visitors and is not specific to each page to track which affiliate programs are the best fit.

One disadvantage that you will always have with Adsense is that it generates less revenue than if you as an affiliate promoting one particular product which is identical with the interests of your visitors. 

So I would say, you have a large site with many visitors all have different interests then using adsense is a better option, if not, then place affiliate links. When your adsense earning almost always more per click and their system works much better so you get more clicks and revenue,

Benefits at a glance:

  • Automatically adapts to the visitor and the content
  • Can be fully automated

All the cons:

  • You get very little money per click, however it depends on the nature of content and keywords you used on your website.

4: Other advertising opportunities

You can also offer advertising space on your website, by placing some banner ads in exchange of some amount.  However, you need to have a website with quality content and receiving reasonable amount of traffic. 

1. Variations on google adsense I would only recommend this if you have a website that is not allowed adsense, then it could be useful.    If you don’t have Google adsense account,  you can still make money using networds like Chitika, Infolinks,, BuysellAds, Bidvertiser etc by placing banner ads or contextual links on your website.  You can signup with them to see what they offer in exchange of clicks.

2. A site where people have ad space to buy:  This model can bring a lot of money but it is an active job to manage people to advertise on your site from time to time.

It would be better If you promote a product where you get a high commission otherwise It will always be preferable to rent ad space. It may be more helpful if you can sell ad space as you will get a fixed monthly income.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Not much work involved, as your are not promoting products you own, it is almost automatic but your income level depends on the traffic you get to your blog.

All the cons:

  • People usually earn less with this,  but it is not the case with every website.

5: Do Chores for others

You can also do chores for others, you can use this site or, depending on where you are good at, you can offer your services. You can write articles for people, translate, create websites, create logos, there are several opportunities you name it.

We ourselves have a freelance writer who sometimes writes something for us to earn a few hundred dollars per month. If you do it well you will be in demand and earn on average much money by doing chores for others,  

If you really want to be rich then you will not be doing chores for others.

Benefits at a glance:

  • If you can do something that is interesting to you and you are good at doing.
  • You can earn a reasonable income.
  • You can earn money online without investment

All the cons:

  • It will not make you rich
  • less freedom


The YouTube channel The Annoying Orange has estimated that within about $ 400,000 per year. This nasty orange may indeed many complain has to complain in the least the person behind the videos. After all, he has owned the most yielding YouTube channels in the world. If you have your own Youtube channel if you want to make one? Sign up for the YouTube Partner Program .

How do you proceed: 1. Think of a ORIGINAL concept for a video sequence (eg tutorials.) And do the recordings 2. Load the videos to Youtube 3. Sign up for the YouTube Partner Program and earn money.

Required budget: A cell phone or camera that can do video recordings can potentially be enough to get started.


The buying and selling of domain names is a business in itself. There are plenty of examples of domain names sold for sample amounts. So cavern Chris Clark the domain name for $ 20, to sell it in 2008, in 1996 for $ 2.6 million! Other examples of expensive domain names are:
– $ 7.5 million
– $ 5.5 million
The most expensive domain name ever still, which at the time was sold for $ 13 million.

How do you proceed: 1. Go to a site like to determine which domain names are still available 2. Reserve the domain in which you see potential  3. Place a contact form on the domain so that a potential buyer can contact you. Additionally you may also place Google Adsense on that site.  

Required budget: Around $ 25  to $ 50 per domain name per year.

These are the seven ways to make money online.

If you’re still reading about these ways of making money online, please post a comment below.

I will also appreciate the comments about the methods laid down here, or you can even share your own experiences in building an online business.

If you want a Road map to make money online without any technical knowledge or prior experience, Read further…

Affilorama has been very successful in training many affiliates in launching their first website and making money with it, a method that is simple to apply that helps you making a full time income and to live life on your own terms.

They explain step by step how you can earn online a few thousand dollars a month with their advanced affiliate marketing tools.

The features of the system help you to earn a full time income on the internet:

  • Affiliate Marketing Quick Start Guide to learn quickly in a record time
  • The fool proof system to build profitable websites
  • Easy step by step videos so that anyone without prior experience can understand
  • SEO, PPC and Social promotions can be done from the single platform
  • Profitable niches and powerful keywords are revealed
  • Quality content and stunning graphics are provided